Fish Farming

Fish Farming

The process of raising fish either in enclosures such as fish ponds or commercially in tanks is referred to as fish farming. Fish farming is considered as a way for the production of fish food in large scale for consumption. The ever increasing demand for fish and fish protein ultimately leads to over fishing as a result of which several species of fishes are facing the danger of extinction. This decrease in the global fish harvest can be balanced by ensuring the availability of fish through fish farms. Hence fish farming can be seen as an alternative method of pisciculture that helps to reduce the pressure on wild fisheries and at the same time sustain the commercial production of fish and fish protein.

Fish farming is a burgeoning small scale industry where individuals who are willing to endure the initial risks are able to garner profit in a large scale. The input needed for fish farming is very less compared to the amount of output it provides which in turn aids the farmer to gain huge profits. A compatible fish farm requires certain necessities that does not cause much of an expense.

Fish farming also provides the farmer with certain advantages such as:

  • The biggest advantage of fish farming is the fact that it happens in a controlled environment where it is the famer who decides the species and the quantity of fish to be raised.
  • Unlike fishes captured from wild waters, the reared amount of fishes from fish farming is strictly owned by an individual, hence is his own property.
  • Marginal lands can be transformed into lands suitable for fish farming, provided it is suitably prepared. Usage of land thus in an effective way can help the farmer make more profit.
  • Easily available low cost labour and less maintenance are some other highlights of fish farming.

As listed above the immense opportunities laying hidden in the dimension of fish farming is complemented aptly though these added advantages. It is very evident from these statements that the profit provided by this industry is much bigger when compared to the initial input it demands. Hence, its perfect to conclude that the fish farming industry is worth giving a shot. We at NELA, also offer training in different methods of fish farming for the farmers who are having issues and queries about the former subject. Feel free to contact us, for we are always ready to assist you in your problems and queries.